Hideous Sneakers Are Gaining Fashion Traction So Go Raid Grandpa’s Closet

It’s been a trend that started off slowly – so slowly, in fact, it was debatable it was even going to completely take off. But even the deepest haters can no longer pretend galumphy old man sneakers aren’t going to be on the feet of all the fashion folk for the next year.

Lord knows why we keep deciding hideous shit is going to now be cool (see: Baker boy hats) but here we are, friends. Here we bloody are.

What exactly does a fugly grandpa sneaker look like? Well, let Kanye West school you on that.

I feel like even Kanye is having second thoughts about his footwear here tbh. Old mate is looking mighty shooketh at the state of his life/fashion choices there amirite.

“Who am I?”

Of course where Kanye goes fashion-wise, Kim Kardashian is not far behind. Eagle-eyed fans spotted her in as yet unreleased Yeezy‘s this week.

Balenciaga‘s Triple S sneaker is easily the most hyped Men’s A/W18 shoe this year – Zara‘s already been accused of ripping it off, and they’re consistently sold out globally. They’re also the WORST.


Most fashion know-it-alls will credit the Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweego as starting this whole thing. I mean, look at these monstrosities. They’re what that old grumpy man next door wears when he’s doing the weeding out on the front lawn when you’re walking home at 7am.

The general rule is have them chunky and as much of an eyesore as possible. White or cream is peak-trend, but as you can see above feel free to access the entire colour wheel as long as the sneaks look like you collected them from the bargain bin at Target.

Guys have been styling them with everything from sport-luxe gear to jeans (horror), and women are even making them work (debatable) with super feminine dresses, like this gal at fashion week.

Look. They’re revolting – I feel even fans of the style can accept that they’re not exactly sleek and beautiful – but goddamn it’s nice to see fashion moving even more firmly into the “comfort” world. Like wait, now we can wear trackpants AND what are basically expensive forms of the classic Hush Puppies your nan buys in bulk, and get street-style papped?

Yeah, ok. I’ll allow it.