Grace Coddington’s Next Film Project

While R.J. Cutler’s absorbing documentary The September Issue was primed as The Anna Wintour Show, the surprise hero of the piece proved to be Grace Coddington – Vogue’s much put-upon creative director and the Keith Richards to Wintour’s Jagger. Apparently Cutler was so taken with Coddington’s dry barbs and eye rolling charm that the pair have another film collaboration in the works.

The project will be based on the book “The Catwalk Cats”, a visual coffee table piece created by Coddington and her partner, hair stylist Didier Malige, that uses her illustrations and his photography to capture their lives and their work in the fashion industry as seen through the eyes of their cats. It sounds ridiculously creepy. Apparently Cutler was so intrigued by the relationship of Coddington and her family of cats that he is planning to turn them into an animated feature film. Coddington’s role in the film isn’t clear, but let’s hope it’s more than just a writing credit as she is much more interesting (and much less frightening) than a bunch of fluffy meow meows wearing miniature tuxedos could ever be.

Footage of Coddington’s cats is included in the DVD extras of “The September Issue”, which also includes footage of US Vogue’s hysterically camp Editor-at-large, André Leon Talley, explaining how to dress for a summer vacation at Karl Lagerfeld’s house. Genius.

Via The Cut