Google & Levi’s Developing Touch Screen-Enabled, ‘Smart’ Clothes

There are so many things in the world that are in dire need of funds. Poverty. Medical research. Disaster relief. Your bank account. My bank account. So sometimes, when a story like this one comes along, you can’t help but think about how fucking weird tech expenditure has become. But here we are.

Per the ABC today, Google and Levi Strauss have reportedly joined forces for ‘Project Jacquard‘ – a venture that is currently developing touch screen-enabled, ‘smart’ clothes and fabric, which could pave the way for using your jeans to text your mates’ jeans in the future. 

Emre Karagozler from Google ATAP explained the new technology at a conference, according to ABC:

“We are enabling interactive textiles. We do it by weaving conductive threads into fabric.” The special threads can be woven into a wide array of fabrics, and be made to visually stand out or go unnoticed depending on designers’ wishes. Conductivity can be limited to desired parts of fabric or spread across entire cloth. It is stretchable; it is washable. It is just like normal fabric.”

Turns out – it looks pretty dope. Watch the process behind touch-sensitive fabrics below.

Via ABC.