Australian fashion label Golden Brown The Label has called out a larger clothing brand for allegedly copying their iconic designs.

Golden Brown took to Instagram to share that it “sucks being ripped off by bigger brands” after claiming their Roadhouse Flares design was copied by larger Byron Bay-based label Chasing Unicorns.

Golden Brown  currently has 11,500 followers on Instagram, while Chasing Unicorns boasts a whopping 87.6k. Both labels are based in Byron Bay and claim to focus on ethical and sustainable clothing.

In a series of Instagram Stories, the owner of Golden Brown shared various photos of the flared pants in different colours and from different angles, before sharing a near-identical pair of pants on the Chasing Unicorns website.

Image: Golden Brown The Label

It’s important to note that the GB Roadhouse Flares are made “using a mix of suede and Napa Leathers”, while the Chasing Unicorns pants are “made with stretch cotton twill and cotton velvet.”

While they have different fabric compositions, both pants share a visibly similar design including dark back pockets and a lace-up front. But this isn’t just a case of two pairs of similar-looking pants.

The Golden Brown Instagram account then shared a screenshot alleging that someone from the Chasing Unicorns company purchased the pants. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the design was stolen.

It’s also worth noting that the screenshot doesn’t include a date, so it’s unclear if the pants were purchased before or after Chasing Unicorns began production of their pants.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Chasing Unicorns for comment and will update this story as more information becomes available.