Gold Coast City Council Nails Rebrand

I love the smell of napalm filth and depravity in the morning. As a GC-4-lifer, I’m all too aware of the cheap thrills that typify the Gold Coast. A melting pot of sex, drugs, and violence, the GC is basically one big bikie owned and operated strip club, right?  You may have left your good sense and morality with your panicked parents during your schoolies/toolies celebrations or reveled in that “what goes on tour stays on tour” bucks weekend but after several showers, a dose of anti-staph medication, and a 12hr nap, Straya’s city of sin is but a foggy memory.   

But the GC is also home to over half a million permanent residents, most of whom lead regular lives. Drawn to the sun, surf, and locals-only cut priced theme park passports, GC residents are enjoying a cultural renaissance of sorts with coffee/dinning hubs popping up along the coast. Traditionally a rich nursery for elite athletes, the GC’s improving arts scene is adding further depth and dimension the the cities cultural landscape.

Acknowledging the need for a re-brand, the Gold Coast City Council offered this intelligent and succinct admission to the city’s diverse nature. The Gold Coast is meter maids, spray tans, and god-awful rappers. And it’s so much more. Well played GC.         

via Gold Coast City Council