Go Swallow A Frozen Load At 7-11 ‘Cos It’s $1 Slurpee BYO Cup Day

Yes, its arrived. The day that’s better than Christmas, Halloween and your birthday combined. Jokes, that’s a fucking stretch. But Slurpee‘s BYO Cup Day is pretty damn decent. 
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the annual occasion, Slurpee (those ‘Froke’-like machines located in your local 7-Eleven) lets you use pretty much whatever you bloody well want to act as a vessel to transport their frozen secretions. Unfortunately the limit DOES exist on what you can use to carry the chilly liquid (like, imagine taking in a fucking sail boat and squirting / filling that baby with a frozen load), but you can still get great bang for your buck.
According to a comment made on Slurpee’s Facebook by who we can only assume is their Social Media Manager (you’re doing a bang up job of replying to an offensively large amount of comments, mysterious keyboard warrior), the restrictions this year are:

“If it fits under the nozzle and is within 230mm (width) x 260mm (height) it’s mighty fine by us!”

So yeah, don’t take in one of those shell, kid pools and try to fill it up – someone will probably yell at you, and we don’t want anyone yelling at you (because you’re awesome and undeserving of being yelled at). 
Best of all, they only charge a flat fee of $1 for, what could be, a fuck off huge Slurpee
Oh, and there’s a Snapchat filter to get around as well if you’re into that kind of thing. 
Happy BYO Cup Day, sugar lovers. Good luck with your impending brain freezes ‘n such.
Photo: Twitter / @thetuckeradams1.