Hugely Instagrammable beauty brand Glossier is known for its simple, white-and-milliennial-pink aesthetic and a focus on “no makeup makeup” — that is, makeup that makes it look like you’re not wearing makeup. But they’ve gone and done a complete 180, launching a new offshoot brad called Glossier Play, which is all about bold colours and bright, glittery vibes.

The brand — which is the brainchild of Into The Gloss blog editor Emily Weiss — first teased Glossier Play last week with an incredibly mysterious email with the subject line “New brand coming soon” with this imagery as the body:

While some fans of the brand believed that Glossier was about to launch a range sex toys and lube (to be fair, it kinda does look like horny satin sheets, right?) others wagered that it was going to be a more colourful line of makeup. And they were on the money.

Today, The Cut revealed that Glossier Play, which launches tomorrow US time, is a collection of four new makeup products that expand the palette dramatically, including:

Colorslide, a long-lasting gel eyeliner pencil, Vinylic Lip, a shiny lip lacquer that comes in a fun, clicky-pen applicator, Niteshine, a pearly highlighter with a doe-foot applicator, and Glitter Gelée, a “one-step” glitter gel that gives you a “jeweled” effect.

A one-step glitter gel would have been real handy for our Mardi Gras aesthetic, but no matter — better late than never, I guess.

The Cut adds that each product will come in a range of “highly-pigmented shades”, noting that it’s a departure from the more muted tones we’ve come to expect from the brand.

The outlet adds that there’s two tools as part of the Glossier Play range, including a sharpener called Blade and a glitter applicator called the DetailerThe Cut reveals that: “You can get both tools plus one of each new makeup product for your very own “Playground”, which lets you play with each of the new products at a discounted rate.”

For more info on Glossier Play as well as some incred pics of the products, head straight on over to The Cut‘s v. informative article right HERE.

Of course, bloody Glossier still doesn’t bloody well ship to bloody Australia, does it. So you’ll either have to a) beg your overseas-based friends to post some Glossier Play to you b) wait until your next NYC or LA adventure or c) get one of those US addresses and pay through the nose for shipping. Up to you, pals!

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Image: Glossier / The Cut