Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci Collaborating With Nike On Sneakers You Will See Everywhere

The man responsible for the proliferation of Madonna/Bambi sweatshirts and sports luxe everything on countless fawning fashion blogs, each one indistinguishable from the next, Givenchy’s head designer Riccardo Tisci has collaborated with Nike on a range of sneakers from which you’ll have no reprieve; you will literally see them everywhere.  

According to, the NIKE RT collaboration will arrive in stores and on in time for the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring, will include footwear and, at the very least, t-shirts. “It’s strong without being loud,” apparently. 

“For me, Nike represents a lot: my childhood, America,” Tisci said. “In Europe, America is the flag, McDonald’s, Marlboro, and Nike, for a kid it’s very important,” he continued, equating America with at least two cancer-causing entities. 
Nike previously partnered with Tisci’s BFF and facilitator of North West’s Givenchy couture baby #swag, Kanye West, who late last year cuckolded the sportswear giant by signing an endorsement deal with Adidas and, in an apt synecdoche of Life itself, was replaced soon after by Drake


Photo: Pascal Le Segretain via Getty