Oh Good, Gigi Hadid’s Newly Reno’d Apartment Is Also The Setting For My Stress Dreams

It seems like Gigi Hadid has been busy in the lockdowns because she’s revealed her big passion project – her Manhattan apartment – over on her Instagram, definitely showing that she’s deep in the nesting phase with bf Zayn Malik. The whole space is certainly… a creative choice, and I’m not too sure what upsets me the most, to be honest.

Gigi posted a range of shots of the apartment on her Insta, showing off the “passion project/dream spot” she’s been designing and curating for the last year. It’s definitely a lot on the eyes, ranging from a decorative carved bowl filled with pool balls, a giant pen (???), the back end of a Chevrolet truck, and kitchen cupboards filled with dyed pasta.

I honestly can’t pick what puzzles me more than anything else, but I’m thinking it a close one between Giant Pen and Pre School Art Project Cupboards.

So let’s have a good look at it all, shall we?

The lounge here basically looks like a dream scene from every Byron Bay off-the-grid type, with all the patchwork vibes, bright pops of colour, and rogue crystals. Not bad, but not really my style. But hey, you do you Gigi. Please note the personalised box (?) thing (??) in the bottom right there.

The other side of the lounge room has two pairs of skis (very important for living in the middle of an island in New York) and a piece of artwork that I can get around. It’s pretty good, but maybe more as a statement piece and not something that has to compete with 400 different bright patterns.

gigi hadid apartment interior design
Not too bad… (Image: Instagram/@gigihadid)

The bathroom’s entryway has a big sign that’s pretty much the millennial Instagram-era version of a suburban mum’s ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ poster. Sure, you can see the intention of creating a positive, inclusive space, but I feel like you don’t need to plaster it up in your home because that should just be a safe place anyway?

Oh and Big Pen. What’s he doing there?

gigi hadid apartment interior design
Big pen…ominous. (Image: Instagram/@gigihadid)

Inside this bathroom Gigi has gone for the whole plastered-mags-on-the-wall pub aesthetic in her apartment, but it looks like they’ve just been tacked up there and not actually lacquered down or something? I could be wrong here but it looks like the corners are already lifting up?

gigi hadid apartment interior design
Hmmmmmm. (Image: Instagram/@gigihadid)

As someone who had walls covered in posters as a kid, this stresses me out to no end. I know how it feels to watch a big spider slip behind one of those posters and then suddenly you don’t know where that bastard is.

Also having pinned-up paper in a bathroom area is gonna get grotty real quick. One steamy shower in there and they’re done for.

The one room that I simply cannot get past is the kitchen. It’s just…so much.

gigi hadid apartment interior design
What on earth is going on here? Are those pool balls? (Image: Instagram/@gigihadid)

I do love that giant chopping board though.

The details here don’t stop at the benches, either. Gigi has taken her creative control right down to your feet in her apartment, by putting plant-dyed pasta in the glass doors of the cupboards.

gigi hadid apartment interior design

What. Why. Why do this? Why do them different colours? Can you even eat them? What was your thought process behind this? Are they even sealed inside the glass? What about when they get dusty and gross? What happens if you get pantry moths in there? What if you suddenly get a gluten intolerance and then you’re stuck with these feature cabinet doors, taunting you forever? Can you change them?

Gigi Hadid, I do not think you have thought this out too well.

There is simply no place to relax in this apartment. It’s genuinely too busy, you’d never be able to fully chill out without having a hundred different things to look at.

The bedroom (or what we can see of it) seems like the calmest space where you can actually breathe out. Unless the other wall is also covered in dyed pasta or something.

gigi hadid apartment interior design
I feel like I can actually exhale in here. (Image: Instagram/@gigihadid)

Someone get Kevin McCloud to give Gigi Hadid’s newly reno’d apartment a once over, I really need him to see all of this and give it an expert opinion. Please let me see this on a future season of Grand Designs, PLEASE.