It turns out Genesis Owusu‘s absolutely stunning ARIAS outfit was designed by a Sydney 19-year-old. Imagine having that much talent at the age of 19? I was too busy drinking terrible ciders and therefore simply cannot.

In case you missed it, Genesis Owusu simply killed the red carpet in a long red, fur-trimmed coat.

I have to imagine he was sweating in the November heat, so that poise is particularly remarkable.

Genesis Owusu’s Fabulous ARIAS Coat Was Designed By An Aussie 19YO & I Can Barely Dress Myself
This is just… so iconic. Image: Supplied. 

The coat was designed by Mosman High School grad Ari Athas. A truly iconic fashion family: Ari’s sister Sophia is the creative director of Hatrik House and his other sister Francesca is an artist.

Excuse me while I go yell at my brother to create something incredibly cool for me to wear.

The garment, as the fashion girlies say, took more than 80 hours to hand sew. I’m sorry, what? I can only imagine the hand cramps.

In a clip shared to Ari’s Instagram, Genesis Owusu spoke about the ‘fit on the red carpet.

He was chatting to known fashion icon Christian Wilkins and lesser-known fashion icon Richard Wilkins.

“I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory,” Owusu said of the outfit.

“It was made by a young designer whose name I don’t think I can say.”

After checking he could, in fact, swear, he cited Ari’s Insta handle Muther Phucker.

In the Instagram caption Ari wrote: “Due to Genesis Owusi calling me a mother phucker I’m moving the dresses and furs over to @ari.athas for safe keeping”.

“What a sick honour this was.”

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As well as absolutely slaying the fashion game, Owusu was also nominated for three awards. Pretty fkn impressive if you ask me.

You can suss our recap of all the winners and grinners — and the best red carpet fashion here.

Though I’ll be honest, no one is beating Genesis Owusu on the coat front. It’s almost making me miss winter.

Image: Supplied.