Messina Has Unleashed A Lanolips Collab ‘Cos Who Said Gelato Only Gets A Moment On The Lips?

messina lanolips lip balm

Sweetie treaties fave Gelato Messina has finally done what we’ve quietly wished for – its dipped a toe into the beauty industry. Yep, the lords of the lip smacking lickers have linked up with Lanolips to create the first-ever Messina lip balm.

Now those of us who have pined over having that yum gelato smell on our lips 24/7 can do just that, with the new dessert-twist on Lanolips’ cult-fave 101 Ointment Superbalm.

The new collab has essentially created summer in a tube, with the crowd champion Messina flavour – salted coconut and mango sorbet – transformed into a balm. Seriously, this thing smells so fkn good it’s going to give my well-loved Glossier coconut balm dotcom a run for its money.

That truly delicious sorbet flavour has been reimagined into a wearable balm through the use of coconut oil and mango fruit extract, while the ultra-pure grade lanolin and Vitamin E helps to restore and replenish your lips. A perfect addition for the hot months ahead, when our smackers are so susceptible to getting a bit parched and crispy.

It’s a 101 superbalm as well, so you can really go all-out here and pop it on anywhere you’ve got a bit of dry skin – cuticles, elbows, knuckles, anywhere. Fuck it up and slather it on so you can just walk around smelling like a whole-ass coco-mango gelato snack.

Tubes of Messina’s first foray into the beauty realm are currently going for $14.95 on the Messina and Lanolips online stores, in your local Messina shop, and at MECCA online. A hot tip though – if you cop yourself a tube through Messina, you’ll also walk out with a delicious free scoop of gelato to pair with your plumped-up lips.

It’s also a very limited edition run of this lip-lickin’ collab, so if you want (or need) to stock up on a new balm in time for the warmer weather, get onto it quick before you miss out completely and wind up feeling like a dropped choc-top.