Gary Bigeni A/W 09

Belinda Seper, retail phenomenon and owner of The Corner Shop and Belinda has described him as, “a truly generous and genuine human being and without his involvement our little fashion world would be a darker and less fabulous place”.

Gary Bigeni graduated from East Sydney Tafe – his contemporary designs caught Belinda Seper’s attention, who, in 2002 advocated his first season into her cult boutique, The Corner Shop. It was then that the fashion realm took notice.

A decidedly colorful character with inclinations towards brightly colored patterned shirts, striped socks and bow ties, Bigeni’s superfluous personal style juxtaposes the classic tailoring in his designs.

The minimal, fluid architecture in his design is seemingly simple yet challenging. Twisted hems, strategic draping collaborated with his penchant for silk jersey, Bigeni creates his own unique art form, clearly identifiable as a visual feat of Gary Bigeni genius.

Never compromised by trends, his A/W 09 Collection once again proves the power of beauty in simplicity, this time with highlights of green, peach and ink blue. Let the love affair begin and visit