Garance Dore & The Sartorialist Coming To Oz

This morning we happened upon this top secret news in bold worldwideweb-style print on Frockwriter, so tell your friends: Garance Dore – illustrator, photographer, blogger and tres stylish French lady is heading our way around Rosemount Australian Fashion Week for a gig with Westfield – for which she is creating a series of illustrations of Australian designers – and will probably bring her handsome boyfriend Scott Schuman (who is, of course, the man behind the lens behind The Sartorialist).

RAFW have totally pulled out the big guns this year, what with the return of Garance Dore (who also attended in 2009) who will complete the High Trinity of Fashion Blogdom alongside Susie Bubble and Tommy Ton who were announced as official guests a couple of weeks back.

But that’s not all sports fans. The information super highway within the Twitterverse also dropped this little chestnut into our laps:

Blanksy isn’t just some flash-in-the-pan web monkey but one of the most respected fashion writers in the world – some would probably call him an icon – which makes for a pretty impressive lineup of international media thus far.

Hats off, RAFW, for taking Australian fashion and putting it on an international stage.