Gable Tostee’s GF Labels Warriena Wright A “Psycho Drunk” In Deleted Posts

The Gable Tostee case is done and dusted after a great deal of international fascination – and somewhat misdirected outrage. We’ve got a nice explainer on exactly why he wasn’t found guilty, but the debate continues to rage in Facebook groups created specifically to debate the case. This is a thing that people do – and there’s evidence people in the court during the case were posting deets to such groups, which is generally a bit of a no-no.

A woman who claimed to News Corp that she is Tostee’s girlfriend, Lizzi Evans, appeared in one such group – “Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright case discussion group” – to defend Tostee, labelling Warriena Wright “self-confessed psycho drunk” and claiming that Tostee intended to sue the media for his portrayal during the trial.

“He’s very strong in character and personality his legal team have now a solid defamation case and building at the ready,” she said in one post. “The media has written blatant lies at times and they have a whole archive. He’s probably going to make a lot out of it actually.”

“He was only behaving how every other guy on the gc (Gold Coast) seems too [sic] but gets strung out for it,” Evans wrote in another post.
All the posts have now been deleted – most likely because they were forwarded by members of the group to the media. Evans had originally been identified as Tostee’s current partner when she posted a Snapchat video of Tostee reading news about himself on his smartphone.
Despite Wright’s claims that Tostee plans to sue the media for defamation, there has been no rumblings from the man himself. He has not made a statement at this time, though his lawyer did speak after the verdict. “He’s looking forward to moving on with his life,” he said.
“He thanks those people who have supported him through this and realises just how tragic this has been for many people.”

Photo: Facebook.