G Flip & Crocs Have Dropped A Collab & It’s The Push You Need To Embrace The Rubber Souls

G Flip Crocs

No shoes continue to be more divisive than Crocs. They’ve assumed a place so omnipresent in culture, the mere thought of the hollow clog can evoke the most visceral of emotions.

Now, to continue their legacy as icons, they’ve teamed up with bonafide Aussie pop superstar G Flip on their first ever collab — the G Flip X Crocs Classic Clog — and yep, it’s absolutely as unique, bold and quirky as you’d expect.

Between releasing her phenom debut album last year, touring the world multiple times (pre-COVID, obvs), and slinging hilarious TikToks, I’m not sure how G Flip continues to have the energy to flex her creativity continually. Alas, it’s clear her talent knows no bounds, and we’re here for it.

The release of the Croc actually coincides with a brand new banger called ‘I’d Rather Go To Bed’, which is all about the peace we experience when we fall asleep and dream. The aesthetic of Flip’s Croc perfectly matches the vibey nature of her music and persona, with a swirling tie-dye colourway that evokes a gooey, hypnotic energy. They kind of look like a Rainbow Paddle Pop if it were a shoe, which truly invigorates all of my senses in ways I didn’t know were possible.

If you’re a G Flip die-hard, this Crocs collab will probably come as no surprise to you. She’s been pretty dang open about her obsession with the shoe in the past and recently curated her very own ‘Songs To Wear Crocs To’ playlist, featuring a bunch of her fave pop acts like Payday, Holly Humberstone, WiztheMC, Tkay Maidza and more.

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“I’m a major Crocs fan and have been for some time now. I’ve been sliding into Crocs DMs for the last three years asking them to love me, and my persistence has finally paid off! For the first red carpet that I attended, I wore Crocs, and at my shows, people wave Crocs in the air – it’s widely known amongst my fans that I have an obsession with the unique shoe,” G told PEDESTRIAN.TV about the collab.

The G Flip x Crocs Classic Clog also come with special edition Jibitz™ charms, designed by G Flip herself, inspired by easter-eggs from her debut record.

“I wear a lot of tie-dye, so that really felt like the perfect vibe for the collaboration and then for the Jibbitz™ charms, I took inspiration from my album aesthetic and all of the little drawings that I designed,” explained G, when talking about the inspo behind the shoe.

“Jibbitz are these sick little symbolic and sentimental charms to express your own unique style to the world. I hope my fans enjoy wearing my Crocs as much as I do!”

If you’re keen to lean into the lifestyle completely, you can nab the kicks from the Crocs Australia website on Friday 20th, November at 11am.

G Flip now joins the esteemed ranks of Post Malone and Justin Bieber as Crocs-collabees, and hopefully, this manifests some sort of musical collab between the three of them because that’d truly be too much.