Sweet MakeupAddiction subreddit. You’re such a gift to us all, with your dedicated makeup aficionados doing all the hard work for the rest of us, working shit out so we don’t have to use our brains. 

The latest gift to come out of MakeupAddiction? This delightful hack c/o Reddit user happyidiot3791. You know how makeup brush cleansing pads are a ~thing~ at the moment? Yeah, you could just not spend $$ on that silicone, profesh version and instead steal your 5 year old nephew’s Lego instead. Yep, happyidiot3791 has discovered those Lego base thingies (Fake grass? That’s what I always used it for) make for perfect brush cleansing pads.
It’s the little raised dots that make a Lego base so useful for cleaning brushes. They’ll help lather up your cleansing solution like the grooves in those silicon pads do, except for pretty much no dollars – well that’s if you want to steal one. You can also buy ’em for $12.99.
Side note – are you not cleaning your makeup brushes? *dry retches* Can you? Please? You should at least be cleaning ’em once a month to avoid transferring revolt bacteria onto your face on a regular basis. Yeugh.

Image: Reddit.
Source: Popsugar.