FREELOADER FRIDAYS: Win A Fancy Olivia Burton Watch And Reach Lvl 10 Adult
Go forth and read on for your chance to win 1 of 8 OLIVIA BURTON watches.

The line between adolescence and adulthood is often blurred. To be completely honest, I wonder whether the line exists. But that is a musing for another competition. I’ve come to believe the true sign of maturity is based on the status of your wrist.

Does your hand/arm connector hang bare by your side? Or are you walking around with pure responsibility on your wrist?  I posit that your IQ even increases once you interlock your watch claps and step out the door. I’m not messing around, this is all very factual…

Obviously, I have no scientific facts to back that up, but I certainly feel like I exude productivity when I adorn a timepiece. I guess the point I want to get across is that you can have it all when you have a watch. The world is your oyster. No more carrying the weight of it on your shoulders, oh no no no. It could be a very comfortable and gorgeous fit from British accessories brand, Olivia Burton.



I wouldn’t exactly say The Simpsons had it right with the bedazzled monstrosity above, but what I would say is that Olivia Burton has it just right, with their sleek, simple and downright elegant designs as seen below. The watch gods came together on this one and combined influences from vintage, fashion and nature to craft striking styles that will have people pawing. This is what adulthood feels like!


 Gimme gimme gimme.

We’ve teamed up with OB to give away 8 classic watches worth between $179.00RRP and $350.00RRP, and to enter it is super simple. All you have to do is Tell Us In 25 Words Or Less, Tell Us Your Best Excuse For Running Late?

I don’t know about you, but I would bend and snap and show off the sh*t out of my wrist. Go on, what are you waiting for. Finesse.

watchFREELOADER FRIDAYS: Win An Olivia Burton Watch

Now that is something I could set my watch to.