FREELOADER FRIDAYS: Be The Life Of The Party With BNKR’s $500 Giveaway


So you missed the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. Or maybe, like me, you had to sit on your hands in a dark room with no stimulation just to ensure you didn’t do something rash. The point is the search for style is neverending and it’s a lifestyle choice. But this doesn’t exactly help in the outfit department with the plethora of end of year events now, does it? No. But BNKR does help in the outfit department because they ARE the outfit department. You still with me?


Taking notes yet?

With must-have pieces from your favourite Aussie labels, including C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Finders Keepers the Label, The Fifth Label and JAGGAR the Label, you could close your eyes and point to choose and still look fucking fabulous.

From the office Xmas do, summer BBQs or after-midnight revelry – meet the ones you’ll want to invite to every party… No, not your friends, not even the hottie from Tinder. I’m talking about the guests of honour. Clothes.


Side eye, but make it fashion.

This is exactly how I look when the table next to mine gets their food first. It is also the look every envious lady will give you while wearing this stunning embroidered C/MEO COLLECTIVE.


The colour, that glow!


“Did I forget deo today?”

The party starts now with BNKR. Lush gem tones, easy mini dresses and versatile co-ords. Subtle shimmer to showstopping shine – go all out with metallics, silky slips + a hint of glitter this holiday season. And it’s not just frocks too. BNKR has you covered from head to toe, literally.


Baby got *a nice* back.

Style salvation is only 25 words or less away.

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