The Internet’s Losing It Over Aussie Chick’s Flawless Post-Accident Makeup

frankie fatale

When you plummet head-first from a performance apparatus suspended metres in the air, the last thing on your mind is your makeup.

But, after experiencing a terrible fall last week, Australian performer Frankie Fatale found her post-accident photos went viral for exactly this reason.

Thankfully, she escaped the terrifying ordeal with just a broken collar bone:

I fell off my aerial anchor from about two metres onto my neck and upper back,” Frankie recalls. “I was super lucky I only broke my collar bone and not my neck!”

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Keen to update concerned friends and fans on her condition, Frankie took to Facebook and Instagram in the days that followed to share pictures from her hospital bed.

“I uploaded the photo to a private Facebook group, so I was expecting people to help make fun of my poor luck to cheer me up,” she continues.

What happened next, however, was completely unexpected.

The post went nuts with engagement from beauty buffs frothing over how flawless Frankie’s makeup looked.

That’s the bloody internet for ya, huh?

Comments like “f–k I wished I looked this good when I was ruining my life” and “can we just talk about the fact that her makeup still looks perfect? wtf i need to know all the secrets” started flooding the post within minutes.

While her beauty routine definitely shouldn’t be the focus of her post, we’ve got to admit, the people also had a point. Frankie’s makeup looked DAMN FINE. Especially considering she was just involved in a potentially life-changing accident.

frankie fatale
Credit: Supplied

I mean, just LOOK at that eye shadow. Those brows? Still ridiculously on fleek.

Naturally, the performer was kinda shocked by the reaction to her pics. “I didn’t expect any response from the beauty community,” she explains. “I’m so used to seeing myself in that much makeup it didn’t even occur to me… It was a really nice compliment to have people saying I had makeup skills!”

And, like that, she became a viral beauty muse, with randoms inundating her with questions about the makeup products she used.

Being a total champ about the whole thing, Frankie’s revealed the secrets behind her flawless look.

“Most people wanna know about the fixing spray (L’Oréal Infalliable fixing mist) but the secret is really a combo of products including your primer and skin care. (I’m used to doing wet shows in fountains so my makeup really needs to stick)” Frankie continues.

“I’m most surprised my eyelashes stayed on. Usually when I cry everything else stays and they slide off and obviously I went into shock and cried a lot while waiting for the paramedics. But they stayed on the whole time!”

Bless her cotton socks. Someone get this girl a medal already.

Frankie’s currently recovering while sharing video footage from the hospital. And yep, as you might expect, she still looks bloody flawless.

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