Former PM Julia Gillard To Publish Memoir

A fiery-haired heroine, standing up for what she believes in at any cost. A devious villain who will stop at nothing to take her down. A love affair with a man who was not her husband. All set against backdrop of backstabbery, political turmoil, and a voice that is altogether too difficult to take seriously.

The Julia Gillard story has all the hallmarks of the best-selling novel, so it was only a matter of time before she put pen to paper. Random House Australia have today announced that the former Prime Minister’s self-written memoir will be published in October 2014 – Just in time for Christmas!

Random House Australia
Publishing Director Nikki Christer said “There is much in Julia Gillard’s life and parliamentary legacy to be admired and debated.  In any reckoning of her achievements, both before and after becoming Prime Minister, this book, written by her and told in her own words, will be essential. I most certainly expect it to be not only one of the most anticipated books of 2014 but also one that is read and studied for a very long time.”


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