A Victorian footy player is currently in a coma in a Gold Coast hospital after a suspected drug overdose, which some believe may have been caused by the potent street drug ‘flakka‘, which has been causing some consternation on the Coast recently.

Riki Stephens was partying with his Heathcote Saints teammates in Queensland at the time of the alleged overdose. The club president Andrew Conforti confirmed that Stephens had ingested a drug. 
Though obviously there is a great deal of hysteria around flakka on the Gold Coast right now, there’s actually no concrete evidence that it was the notorious Florida street drug – it could have been a particularly potent batch of MDMA, for example.
Conforti said that it is believed that about nine players took the drug – whatever it may have been – in two separate groups. “We need to let people know if this drug comes to Melbourne, this is what can happen,” Mr Conforti said. “Riki’s not out of the woods yet.”
Stephens’ Facebook page has been flooded with supportive posts from mates who are keen to see him recover and head home to Victoria.
He’s one of a total of eight people who are still in hospital on the Gold Coast after a spate of overdoses in the course of only 48 hours that have been attributed – rightly or wrongly – to flakka.
Photo: Facebook.