Five Minutes With Dan Single: Theft, Fashion Week and Lil Wayne

What does it feel like to lose a million dollars? We rang up Dan Single of Ksubi to find out (hint: it’s shitty), talk about the shindig they’re hosting tonight in Sydney, designing clothes for Lil Wayne and Ksubi’s low-key fashion week plans. And he did it all in just five minutes. Our transcribers thank you Dan.

So what’s happening tonight? Well, tonight we’re hosting a free party. We like to do a few little events throughout the year and we got approached by our friends at Crosstown Rebels which is great because we actually toured Damian Lazarus ten years ago when we were doing Bang Gang and it was his first Australian tour and the first tour that we’d organised so we’ve had a friendship since then. Ten years later they were all coming back here for Playground Weekender so we put together a party, a free party, a party for the people. To get a ticket to the event you can head to our Paddington store on Oxford Street where we will have drinks, music and a meet and greet with the Crosstown Rebels and we’ll also have a lucky lottery giving everyone the chance to come along.

You guys did a few one-off pieces as well, can you talk us through them? Yeah we did a take on a Joy Division cover. The last time that they came out we did a take on a Sonic Youth cover so we’re doing something similar. Then we got Pauly in Ksubi Kustoms to hand tie-dye them as well. There are twenty of them.

Collaboration is obviously very close to what you guys do – what do you have planned in the future? We’ve got a few upcoming eyewear collaborations that I can’t really talk about at the moment. At Ksubi Kustoms we’re doing a lot of stage outfits for people like we just did some amazing stuff for Lil Wayne. We’re doing more and more of that actually. The Kills’ sunglasses come out soon, they’ve been a big success following on from the range with Tiga. Some other stuff with models. Some other stuff I can’t talk about. Yeah, collaborations are fun!

How’d the Lil Wayne thing come about? He’s been a massive fan for a while. Especially of the custom stuff so he put in a big order and Pauly went to town on some things for him.

Also announced today was the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week schedule. You guys will be back again this year, what can we expect? Venue wise we’re doing it on schedule and on site – traditional runway style – and that’s about all I can say. It’s not going to be such a big production this time we’re just going to do something low key.

I wanted to quickly talk about your Autumn Winter W.A.R. collection because it seems like you guys really locked into a vibe with that one. Do you feel like you’ve found a formula that works especially since it sold so well? I hope so. I mean, we’ve always made what we want to wear and not really focused on trends but it’s also nice to have a collection that makes sense and is one singular thing which sometimes we miss by just making what we want to make. So this time we had a theme and it was what we wanted to make but it was also one look for once, because we don’t always nail that, but I think it’s a good blend of what we’ve always done and that’s luxury street. I think we’ve finally found what our niche is. We usually go all over the place but it’s very true to what we’ve done in the past and as you said it’s selling very well.

Speaking of the W.A.R. collection how are you guys coping with the $1M theft? Unfortunately we can’t really do anything about it now. It’s shitty. The stock’s gone and there’s not enough time or resources to make it again. Hypothetically by the time we make it again our next collection would be out so we just have to cop it on the chin and hopefully find these fuckers and get our clothes back. They didn’t take all of it so there’s one delivery left and it’s not the end of the world but it is a bummer.

So what you guys up to for the rest of the year? Working on producing a great collection, then we have fashion week here and we’re looking at fashion week overseas though I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell you exactly where we’re doing it yet, opening a couple more stores, more art projects and more collaborations. All good things.

Cheers Dan. Thanks mate.

If you’re in Sydney tonight…

Title Image by Lisa Maree Williams via Getty