Five Hot Deals For Vogue’s Online Shopping Night

Vogue previously brought us Vogue‘s Fashion Night Out’ series, which offered shoppers in London, New York and Sydney exclusive discount deals on a variety of designer goods for a buck wild one night stand shopping extravaganza. This one’s a little different – you won’t get to rub shoulders with editors, celebrities and industry peeps, but this set up offers a far better alternative: Shopping sweet bargains from the comfort of your hovel wearing a Snuggie and straddling the wrong side of a Tim-Tams packet.

That’s right, this shopping night is online…. READ: you don’t have to wash your hair for this shit! All you need is a high-speed wireless connection and a functional clicking finger to trawl through the virtual racks in the hope that you will one day leave your aforementioned hovel to wear some of the beautiful garments you buy. Or alternatively, Peter Alexander are doing 10% off. Here are Pedestrian’s picks of the best offers, brought to you by Vogue

AMERICAN APPAREL: The hipster’s answer to Bonds, famous for their aspirational soft-core real girl pornography advertising, questionably patterned leggings, and apathetic shop assistants, American Apparel are offering a massive 30% off all full priced stock (disclaimer: not valid for multipacks, gift vouchers or sale items) when you use the code ‘VOSN12’ at checkout. Their t-shirts are damn comfortable and will make you 30% more ironic.
GORMAN: Local purveyor of psychotically pom-pom adorned knitwear, deliciously soft leather and cutesy clogs, Gorman are offering 25% off all stock as well as free shipping. More importantly, every purchase puts you in the running to win a pair of limited edition Hans Wegner Cigar chairs, upholstered in an exclusive Gorman print and valued at $6,500. Forget the knitwear, there are $6,500 chairs up for grabs and the name sounds Swedish!

KIT COSMETICS: The shop assistants at Kit are always suspiciously nice and peppy as all hell as they smear coconut ointment across your face. This doesn’t necessarily make you want to cut out the middle man and shop online, but to tempt you they are offering a ‘Nail It’ pack, valued at $40, to the first 50 shoppers to make a purchase. These packs have stickers that will make your nails look like they’re covered in lace. You want this.

FRIEND OF MINE: This brand has shirts that read ‘Titties and Beer’, boots with a heel that could smash a nose in and leather pants that wouldn’t look out of place on a Hell’s Angel. They’re seriously bad ass and whilst being a bad ass is not generally associated with online shopping, Friend of Mine are subverting the stereotype and offering 20% off with the code ‘vogue’.

ROMANCE WAS BORN: People that are better than you and wear Romance Was Born include Cate Blanchett, Karen O, MIA, Debbie Harry, Architecture in Helsinki, Lily Allen and Cindi Lauper. Shopping online tomorrow night with 20% off all stock could be your only chance to have something in common with the successful creative types on that list. Don’t miss it, you’re already too different to them.

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Words by Tara Kenny