Five Arrests Made After Chinese UNIQLO Sex Video Goes Viral

Last week, Chinese authorities were furious after a video showing a young couple boning in the dressing room of a UNIQLO emerged, depicting Beijing as a city of wanton sex-havers and depraved street fashion-shoppers.
This morning, word has spread that the two young fornicators in the video have been taken into custody, along with three others suspected of helping it spread across the internet.
The couple themselves were reportedly arrested on Wednesday, soon after the footage was made public, though news has only begun to appear in Chinese state media within the last 24 hours.
“The police investigation has two main parts: who published this unsavoury video, and was it an example of hype by the business,” said reports on Beijing Television, via BBC News.
Police are also looking into whether the video was a “publicity stunt” by UNIQLO – if this is the case, the Japanese company could be fined up to $217,000 AU and have its retail licence revoked.
The video was shared widely across China’s social networks, including the popular Weibo, and authorities condemned it as “vulgar”, saying that its viral circulation “severely violated socialist core values.”
The couple quickly turned into folk heroes, with many Chinese youth snapping selfies outside UNIQLO stores, and at least one person going as far as to get a tattoo commemorating the deed.
Y’know what’s also obscene? UNIQLO’s low, low prices!
via BBC News
Image via China Foto Press / Getty Images