Finally You Too Can Miley Cyrus All Over A Wrecking Ball

Remember the ‘Elf Yourself‘ frenzy of ’06? Well, Gee Pants has just stepped it up a notch and have created the ‘.GIFt that Keeps on Giving’ just in time for Christmas. Here is one we we prepared earlier – it features one of Pedestrian’s co-founders Chris Wirasinha and, as you can see, it’s just a great ol’ time:

[Chris, Ozzy said it would be cool to use your face ^__^]

Miley Claus is also an option:

It’s not all fun and .gifs though; besides giving you the chance to look digitally fucking ridiculous, you can share it with up to five m8s then y’all can go in store (show it to the kids behind the counter -___-) or use the promo code (GETGIFTED) online and get a 20% discount off whatever you buy.

The Friends Who Discount Together Stay Together.

Head to and check out all of the fantastic ways in which to .gif yoself. You’ve got until the end of December to #GETGIFTED.