Beginning Boutique Will Pick Ya Next Festival Outfit Based On Astrology & Music


Let’s face it, astrology and music taste are hands down, the most accurate way to read someone’s personality before they open their mouth.

Any Gemini Rising who simply believes music began and ended with Carly Rae Jepsen‘s E MO TION, we’re bound to get along like a house on fire. Virgo Moons with a proclivity for white-man indie folk, stay away, stay far away.

Beginning Boutique have clearly embraced this universal truth, dropping three slick festival collections based around the moods, attitudes and varying degrees of sass exuded by different star signs and genres. Ground breaking, darling.

Naming each collection after a fictional cool gal who represents the vibe of gear, you can pick your new lewk using full-on retro video game character select quiz. Think Mario Kart meets Cher Horowitz wardrobe-gadget-thing-core.

Beginning Boutique know how stressful this whole process can be, so they’ve literally curated every element of your outfit for you – everything from the cowboy boots to the perf sunnies have been hand picked by the festival overlords to ensure you can focus on soaking up the good times.

So here’s a little taste of the three stunning options you can choose from.


The Malibu Barbie. The one you aspired to be in 2004 whilst smothering your lips in gloss before the Year 4 disco, attempting to rock the whole denim shirt and pink tank top vibe. VIP wristbands or don’t go.



The LA Cool Girl. She froths Travis Scott more than you’d think is humanly possible. She’s four trends ahead of everyone, so perfect for the Fire Signs in your life.



The Boho Babe. We’d assume this is aptly named after the woman who introduced the world to the festival-flower crown phenomenon of the early 2010s, Lana Del Rey. Your Year 10 Tumblr page just reverberated at the thought of a potential revival.



Considering Groovin The Moo is literally right around the corner and that chilly Splendy air is starting to make its way around, we’re sure your outfit choices are currently taking-up some some serious mental space (probably more so than sorting out accommodation or N/A-ing work).

So we’d suggest you take dive into the collection here, so you can focus entirely on ensuring you organize your timetable with as minimal clashes as possible.