PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered with L'Oréal Colorista to turn your manes into colourful mermaid strands with some festival hair inspo.

Festivals are essentially a chance for the absolute weirdest of the weird to emerge in droves, blinking at the glare of the bright, bold hair lewks that suddenly swarm, dancing over the fields. And frankly, I’m utterly okay with that. Let the people do what they want. In fact, the bolder the better, I do declare.

So let’s have a little peruse over some of the louder hair looks that hit the ground over the festival season – because friends, there are some doozies.


Braids… Braids everywhere… And if they’ve got colour on them, even better. Just wrap me right up in braids and I’ll be happy, the more the merrier. These ones have been pinked up with L’Oreal Colorista, and frankly any time I can make my hair look like you could use it as a fluoro pink jump rope, I’m down.

Bright colours

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Coloured hair is always gonna be a Thing on the festival circuit – and let’s be honest, if you had the opportunity to look like a multicoloured mermaid for a day you know you’d probably take it just cos’ you can. Because you’re a beautiful sprite made entirely of sparkles and carbonated water whose true loves are fairy floss and the sea. Obviously.


Ahhh, rainbows. The colourful splashes that make festivals so blindingly bright. A staple, if ever I’ve seen one, of the festival circuit – and executed well, if I may say. Not only is this look blending braids and colour (the two key aspects of 2018 festival hair), it’s also Not Real. Using extensions to take the look to the next level is wild and I love it.


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And finally, we reach the pinnacle of festival hair looks. Braids? Yep. Coloured? You bet. Glitter? Covered in it. While you’re at it, shove some diamontes on your face too, for maximum effect. This is about as bright and bold as you can get while still maintaining the ability to dance around like a lunatic. Which is equally as important.

If you wanna recreate any of these looks, start twisting your hair into a maze of braids and spray on some L’Oreal Colorista to get yourself feeling as mermaidy and unicorn-esque as your soul wishes it was. Because really, if you don’t do it at a festival, when will you?

You know you want to, pals.

Image: Instagram / @annalisemclachlan