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Getting dressed for a winter festival is a whole different kettle o’ fish to those happening in summer. You’re fairly warm during the day but cold at night. You wanna look good but also wanna be comfy. You wanna stand out but not look like a try-hard. It’s all a total mind screw, really.

Well, we’re going to try and ease the process for you by hitting as many nails on the head when it comes to packing for a winter festival. No “might wear this, will pack just incase” bull. Once you’re got your canvas sorted – you know, the actual base like tops, bottoms and dresses – the below’s what you’ll need to take your look from 0 to festival-worthy 100 in no time.


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You are quite literally going to be wearing sunnies the whole time you’re at the festival, both on and off site. (If you wear them after the sun goes down I will verbally fight you on why that’s not OK.) You’re going to need more than one pair because a) it helps you feel like you’re mixing shit up and b) you’re bound to lose / break one pair.  Pack accordingly. Inspo HERE.


There’s always a chance it’s going to rain, and the clear ponchos they hand out on-site aren’t so crash hot. Have a jacket – anorak, raincoat or otherwise – that’s going to keep you warm n’ dry. If you’re gettin’ down and feel a bit hot and bothered, wrap it around your waist. Versatility is a beautiful thing. Important reminder: the bloggers you see in fur coats usually have a sanitary, VIP station where they get changed.


You can be practical without being a total snore. If you’re going to wear a bra anyway, it may as well be eye-catching, you know? Go for a sequinned bralette if the thought of glitter on your face and hair wigs you out. If the latter doesn’t make you feel weird inside then glitter is a small and practical addition to slide on into your suitcase. Going hard on jewellery is always an option, too.


No matter what you’ve packed, a long-sleeve top can always work its way into your outfit. Whether on it’s own tucked into jeans or underneath tees or dresses, the versatility of the piece throughout the festivities will leave you cheerin’. Go for a breathable or mesh fabric so that you’re only ever the good kind of hot (and can showcase any worthy bra situations when worn on it’s own). The skivvy? I choo-choo-choose you.



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You might think pockets will suffice throughout the festy, but the reality of the situation is that you’re going to need a bag to be fully prepared. I recommend a bucket bag or even a bumbag (I’ll allow it) so that you can keep your valuables as safe as you can at all times. And, of course, so there’s less chance of your presh baggy being left behind. Kinda like this one HERE.


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Practical stuff can sometimes look better than unpractical stuff. You’ve got two options here: spend big on boots that you think you’ll wear again or spend minimal and chuck them out come the festival’s end. Both are risky – you might ruin the pair you spent a lot on or you might break your cheapies straight away. My informed suggestion? Gum boots. They’re not overly chic but they’re not rank-looking either. You’ve gotta weigh up the pros and cons – but these HERE look mighty fine.


Another space-efficient addition is a beaut belt. Make sure it’s one that’ll fit through loopholes of whatever bottoms you’ve packed so that it can go the distance, and not just over dresses and tops. Chunky and brown or an embellished chain – up to you.

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