How This Fashion Stylist Used Self-Expression To Build Her Whole Darn Business

fashion stylist

We’re officially at the tail-end of the mammoth Dell XPS Open Studio campaign, but we’ve still got a bunch of uber-talented people to show off to the world.

ICYMI: over the past six or so months, we’ve been finding primo talent far and wide (see: New Zealand and Australia) to help us out with a slew of different briefs, all dedicated to self-expression.

From design and photography to music and film, the best in the biz have injected their own creative juices into whatever art they’ve been tasked with creating.

Our next top-tier talent comes in the form of Collette Emily, a fashion stylist who jumped on the campaign to offer her mentoring expertise.

PEDESTRIAN.TV chatted to Collette to get some insight into the brief and the wonderful world of farshun, dahling.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: What initially intrigued you about this brief? 

Collette Emily: I am very passionate about being a fashion stylist. I love how creative, expansive, challenging and rewarding my role as a stylist is and can be. I created my business and brand from intuition, passion and a drive to make my mark on the world with style.

I’ve learnt so much over the years and have been able to curate my own personal approach to the industry and creative process. I was really excited for the opportunity to step into the mentorship role and teach an upcoming stylist about the industry, taking her through my creative process and working alongside her in a collaborative way to bring a big vision to life.

P.TV: On a daily basis, how often do you use your style to express yourself?

CE: Every. Day. Style isn’t about the garments you wear, but how you wear them. I love to use style as my tool to express who I am with the world. My style has been my resume, my marketing and my tool for making my mark on the fashion industry.

I am very much a ‘statement stylist’. I love to be extra. I love to wear bright fabulous colours, prints, sequins, lace, latex, etc. I love to mix and match fabrics and styles and add my own flavour to how I bring it all together.

I often blend high-end designer items with streetwear, take pieces that are made for daywear and style them up for night etc. Style is how to say who you are without even having to speak and I definitely have fun with letting my style speak for me.

P.TV: How does your role within the industry support your self-expression, as well as guide others on their self-expression through fashion styling?

 CE: I am always wanting to inspire my clients and audience to express themselves with style! I have written a book called The Style Guide: how to take your wardrobe, confidence and style to the next level. I share the exact formula I have used to create my own personal style as well as that of hundreds of women worldwide. The book features tools and stylist advice on how to unlock your personal style.

I know that expressing who I am through my style comes very naturally to me, but this is not the case for everyone. I feel it is my role in the industry to help other women to have just as much fun with their style. Life is your runway and I want everybody to own it.

P.TV: How did you use the Dell XPS to help accomplish your tasks while working with Chrystalla?

CE: The laptop was such a great tool in assisting with my consistent communication with mentoree Chrystalla throughout this project. We communicated across a variety of platforms and the XPS was fabulous to have on-hand for Zoom meetings, emails, WhatsApp messaging and Insta DMs. We used different visual and graphic programs online to create mood boards for the project, and the laptop was fast and efficient with downloads and great to use for editing as well.

P.TV: What was the most challenging task about the brief?

CE: Having experience in the industry versus working with someone who has no experience was a big element that I, as the mentor, needed to put the most time and attention towards. The most important aspect to teach and guide Chrystalla on was how the industry works. You can study and learn prior, but the most you will ever learn is being hands-on with the job.

The fashion and creative industry is very fast-paced and things change constantly. The most important element was for Chrystalla to learn and be guided on being flexible and adaptable with these changes. There is no one else to come up with the styling solution but us, so it was important for her to learn to keep a level head and be positive and practical no matter what arose. My mantra is: There is always a solution. Having Chrystalla learn and make this mantra her own was essential for us to effectively complete this project.

P.TV: What was the biggest highlight of mentoring Chrystalla?

CE: It was really rewarding to witness Chrystalla’s confidence as a creative increase and her personal confidence grow throughout this project. There is no right or wrong when having creative ideas so, as a stylist, it is all about tapping into your intuition, trusting your ideas, curating the vision to meet the clients brief, and knowing how to confidently express and communicate what that vision is to your client. Then of course, action action action to bring it to life.

It has been great to share my creative process with Chrystalla for this project, see her take it on, learn a lot along the way and produce a detailed vision and result for the client.

P.TV: What do you want people to take away from your final pieces of work?

CE: Both Chrystalla and I want anyone who views these outfits and images to feel inspired, excited and empowered. Style is such a fabulous tool for expression. We want to encourage the audience to feel more confident and excited to take risks, make a statement and have fun expressing who they are with their own personal style.

P.TV: What makes you the most excited about this shoot for Dell XPS Open Studio?

CE: I’ve really enjoyed sharing my industry insights and experience with Chrystalla and supporting her to follow her dreams to be a stylist. I have loved every aspect of my career to date and I am honoured to have assisted someone else at the beginning of theirs. I am really looking forward to sharing the finished product.

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