Fashion Kween Nadia Fairfax On Spending Smart For An A+ Winter Wardrobe

There’s nothing like a dusty tag staring back at you to say, “You there, you messed up“, but we’re all culprits of spending big on one-offs rather than investment pieces that’ll go the distance. You know what we’re talking about – that gross imbalance in our built-ins which prompts those GODFORSAKEN, overused words errytime we’ve got a hot date, job interview or just anything that requires leaving the house in general:

That’s why we’ve called upon Nadia Fairfax – farshun blogger of aptly-named TV show Fashion Bloggers, and digi mastermind of bangin’ blog Fairfax Journal. The former elite athlete only published her first blog post in 2014 – considering herself a “newbie” – but she’s pushing an extension of her personality through fashion so friggin’ well that you’d think she’s a seasoned veteran on the blogging circuit. Forever adding ever-changing A+ character to her looks, she’s got a serious knack for staples lookin’ anything but ordinary.

She’s gonna teach all’a us how to be a lil’ smarter with our shopping this upcoming autumn/winter and to avoid that money/clothes-related self pity and regret at all COSTS. Because there’s no rest for the fabulous, let’s get right into it.

How much of your wardrobe is made of investment pieces and how much is made of spontaneous/impulse buys?

It’s a mixture. As I mature I am much more careful with what I purchase, but prior to the last few years it was all impulse!

How do you feel about wearing something only once?

I often wear an entire look only once, but wearing an item only once is pretty ridiculous. Mix and match! If the garment is cheap enough to only warrant one wear then it is too accessible and therefore not truly in fashion anymore… think about that!

What five pieces should we invest in this season?

1. The Black Turtleneck Skivvy

“[Wear it] under anything!!!!! Especially a dress! Add opaque tights and some booties – total Mod vibes!”

2. The Crisp White Shirt

Add a white shirt to any sweater or coat for preppy vibes. Currently loving taking a ribbon and tying it in the collar as its a bow tie.

3. The Woollen Trench Coat

You can add a big woollen trench over an active wear tracksuit and instantly look stylish. If Gigi does it, you can!

4. The Heeled Ankle Boots

Cover up those footsies – open toes in cold weather are a total no- no. An ankle boot can give such a lengthening effect when worn with the same coloured pant.

5. The Leather Leggings

Leather leggings keep you warm, pretty much wear any of the above with them! Just make sure they fit properly, especially around the crutch.

Which brands are your favourite to invest in and why?

My high-street Australian faves would be Scanlan and Theodore and Viktoria & Woods – the prints (if any) are classic and long-lasting, and both brands are very well-made.

How do you manage to express your own individuality while wearing staples?

Without sounding cliché, it’s all about accessorising – statement earrings, blanket-like scarves, sunglasses that just pull your eye – you can change your entire style by adding a few simple things.

What’s the one thing in your wardrobe that you’ve owned for the longest?

I have a leather trench coat from an old Australian brand called Harry Who. My mum bought it for me when i was about 15 for an international trip and although it took a few years off, it is back in action yet again – I even wore it to New York Fashion Week last month. Why? It’s a black leather trench… it’s never going out of style.

What are your top tips for all’a us when shopping this autumn/winter?

1.Buy things that will go the distance!!!!!! Your mother has always been right – who would have thought? Quality over quantity.”

2. Invest well in your staples and buy cheap, crazy accessories frequently and mix them up all the time.

3.Pre plan. Know what you want to buy and go into the shop/on the website specifically for that item.

4.DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! There is nothing worse than seeing a girl (or guy) in next to nothing when it’s cold! Better off to hold your jacket in your hand if you are warm then not have one at all.

5.Don’t just purchase something because you like the way it looks on the hanger. Does it suit your body shape? Does it fit correctly or can it be simply altered? Ask these questions before swiping.

With the correct use of staples, stylin’ and swipin’, your threads really can go ~the whole nine yards~.