Fantastic Man Launch The Gentlewoman

Fantastic Man #10 not only offers the refined fashion editorial, luxurious paper stock and quirky interview subjects (Swedish sword swallower Dr. Hans Rosling and Chanel make-up artist Peter Philips) we’ve come to expect but a preview of just as fantastic sister title The Gentlewoman.

Ushering in “a new dawn in the realm of fantasticness” The Gentlewoman supplement as seen online at Mag Culture borrows the typography, tone and look of her older brother – in a move that transfers surprisingly well when skewed for the fairer sex.

It’s quite refreshing actually, where the Vogues of the world are snobby glamazons, the Lulas hair twirling girly girls and the Dazed and i-D’s hipper than thou club kids – The Gentlewoman is the bookish best friend and intellectual equal you wind up Marrying. This gal ain’t a fleeting one night stand, she’s wife material and in a world where Women’s Fashion Magazines are almost indistinguishable ain’t that just Fan-fucking-tastic.

See Images via Mag Culture.

Check out the newly relaunched Fantastic Man website here.