The family of Cassie Sainsbury, the 22-year-old Adelaide woman allegedly found with nearly six kilograms of cocaine in her luggage in Colombia, has spoken to the media about the incident.

Talking to 9 News, sister Khala Sainsbury explained how Cassie came into possession of fifteen pairs of headphones, which were later found to contain the 5.8kg of cocaine. 

Sainsbury claimed her sister was told “‘if you bulk buy these gifts, I can get them cheaper,’ and Cassie being young, said she’d do it. And it came to her already packaged and sealed.”

“So she just put it in her suitcase, not thinking. She’s very naive.”

Cassie’s mother Lisa Evans also proclaimed her daughter’s innocence, and described her fear after being denied bail.

“Cassie is just, ‘I didn’t do it mum, you have got to get me out’ and crying hysterically…

“She is just so scared that she is caught up on the other side of the world for something she didn’t do with no support over there, no nothing.”

Evans said “it’s so far away from what Cassie would ever do,” and described her fury that “someone could do this to an innocent girl for their own gain.”

Cassie, a CFS volunteer who has previously worked as a personal trainer, was denied bail and is currently being held in Colombia’s El Buen Pastor women’s prison.

Source: ABC Channel 9.
Photo: Scotty Broadbridge / Facebook.