Welp, Ezra Miller & Michael Urie’s Met Gala Looks Have Melted Our Brains

While some outfits from the 2019 Met Gala have been flooring, goosebump-inducing affairs of haute couture and fashion brilliance, others have done nothing less than completely obliterated my brain trying to comprehend what the fuck is going on.

[jwplayer DnZAShTD]

Enter, Ezra Miller and Michael Urie to the Met Gala red carpet.

Delivering a mind-bending take on the ‘camp’ theme for this year (and actually fucking getting the memo on the theme), both actors stepped up their looks at New York‘s Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Ezra donned a toight Burberry suit with a full white satin cape (!!!) cinched in at the waist with a glittering, bejewelled corset bodice. But the pièce de résistance was the beat on his face.

Underneath a masquerade mask painted to mimic his own face, Ezra revealed a face full of five eyes painted perfectly onto his porcelain skin by Mimi Choi. They’re so well done that you almost can’t pick his actual eyes.

Teamed with a bold red lip with a cupid’s bow that could cut a man and a bob wig brilliantly styled into a 60s housewife curl, Ezra’s appearance made everyone do a double-take.

It’s like looking at a fucking Magic Eye. I love it.


Michael Urie stepped out in a very similar pinstripe suit made by Christian Siriano – who also dressed Janelle Monae –except it was entirely chopped in half with a beautiful pink strapless-and-tulle-skirt situation on the other half.

With a face of makeup of half-femme/half-masc but on opposite sides to the outfit, Urie bends gender norms backwards onto itself.

Please for the love of John Waters, tell me that he’s actually chopped off a perfect half of his hair here, too.

Potentially a nod to Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria, and that one episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race where the maxi-challenge category was ‘Victor/Victoria/Victorius‘, Michael Urie sufficiently made my brain melt into a fine sludge that is currently seeping into my sinuses.

I’d like to put my votes in for ‘Best Dressed’ at the Met Gala as these two. Together. Thank you very much.

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