Exclusive First Look Petit Mal Issue 3

Here at Pedestrian we’re massive fans of Petit Mal! the off-kilter fashion comic birthed from the kaleidoscopic minds of Sydney design crew Trust Fun!

We’re not the only fans however. For the first time since their launch Petit Mal! have advertisers on board including Topshop and Pop Magazine and will also be included in the bags at Christopher Kane’s London Fashion Week Show.

Jonathon Zawada gave us quick rundown on what to expect in Petit Mal! issue 3 and how they plan to take London by storm:

“Issue 3 of the worlds first backstage fashion comic, Petit Mal! by Trust Fun! will hit the streets this weekend. Sporting a bumper new tabloid sized newspaper format, this issue explores the wonders of the latest in beauty treatments including “Face Pooling” and the destruction of the “Ugly Quark”, goes in depth to uncover the truth behind the ruinous ponzi scheme perpetrated by “Bernie’s Angels”, trawls through the history books to reveal the little-known story of the “Chic Easy” and recounts the battle of warsaw in “Ready to War”.

Turn up at Jeanette’s in London for the official launch party this Friday night and find it this weekend at various locations in and around London Fashion Week including Liberty of London. Can we say London any more times??? It will be available from various reputable retailers in the near future, some in London, check www.trust-fun.com for details.

For our readers in London check out the Petit Mal! launch party invite below. And for the rest of y’all keep your eyes peeled for a Pedestrian site re-design by one Mr. Jonathon Zawada. We can’t tell you much more except that it looks mighty purrdy.