University of Sydney student publication Honi Soit yesterday took trolling to a whole other level, churning out an entire paper satirising The Australian.

The front page of ‘The Ausrtailan‘ screamed the tragic news that evil media dude Rupert Murdoch was dead at 85, and things only got better (worse) from there.

The level of effort here is phenomenal. The inside pages covered everything from traditional news…

…to opinion pieces…

…to obituaries…

…and even ads, because print might be dying, but it’s putting up one helluva fight.

Photos: Twitter / @geo_tk.

Top quality bants all round, even if Bill Leak‘s obituary reads a little *too* much like a spooky prophecy.

The Australian‘s own CEO Nicholas Gray gave ’em credit where it’s due.

But in today’s *actual* issue of The Australian – y’know, the pages printed with ink like in the old days – opinion writer James Jeffrey gave Honi Soit’s efforts a well-deserved shout-out, calling it “a touchingly extensive homage to/piss-take of this august organ.”

“Give or take the presence of some non-Oz personnel on the front page (Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt), and perhaps a couple of fudges that have left out subeditors twitching, it’s a jolly good facsimile,” he wrote.

“Having gone to the effort in the front page of killing off our beloved overlord Rupert Murdoch (blessed be his name), the Honi Soit crew only go so far as having him expire ‘peacefully in his New York mansion – surrounded by his family and close friends’. Once, students would have gone in much harder than such a Tolstoyan death scene. Must be all those avocados making them soft.”

It’s extremely weird to write this – and copious amounts of vomiting and/or hot showers will follow the publication of this article – but The Australian is actually warming our cold, dead, millennial hearts.

Photo: Twitter / Tom Joyner.