Eric Koston Signs to Nike SB

Ash and I got our reminisce on a few weeks ago thinking back to our early high school years when how “cool” we were was determined by what skate shoe we managed to get past our public school principal.

Long story short we both agreed that if you were lucky enough to rock a pair of E’S Kostons you we’re the legit man / the envy of all the other dudes in your year… Until the Koston 3 came out that is. I remember the first day I wore them to school, after months of trying to convince my mum that $180 school shoes were necessary part of my educational years, I couldn’t wait to watch my fellow peers get their froth beards on. Surprisingly they didn’t. The first person to comment on them was a young lass called Jade Richie, she was the babe of our year, she called them “gay.” I was devastated.

The above is why I’m pretty amped to announce that Eric Koston just signed to Nike SB, no more E’s. Quite a bitter sweet moment huh. I’ll let the man himself take it away:

“Not only am I psyched to be a part of the great group of guys that makes up the Nike SB team, but I’m equally as excited to work with them creatively. I’m sure many people know that a lot of different Nike’s have been the inspiration for my shoe designs over the last 12 years, so I feel like a fucking kid in a candy store when it comes to this partnership between Nike and I.’