Emily Ratajkowski’s Under Fire For Ripping Designs For Her Togs Line

Last week, Emily Ratajkowski – supermodel and extremely beautiful human – launched her own swimwear line, Inamorata. The range features 6 different bikini and one piece styles designed by Ratajkowski – or were they.

Swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez has come out guns blazing against the supermodel, accusing her of ripping two of her designs. She’s so riled up, in fact, that she’s taken legal action.

The two designs in question are the ‘Poppy‘ maillot and the ‘Leandra‘ bikini top. Here they are together:

And here’s Inamorata’s Cardiff suit.

Hmmmm. HMM HMM HMMMMMM. Here’s the Vulcan top.

Lisa Marie’s not being quiet about it all on Instagram, either. The latest 7 posts are screenshots of articles about the kerfuffle.


Lisa Marie’s called for a cease and desist, and filed suit against Inamorata in federal court in New York. The Poppy and Leandra styles are registered to the designer through Germany and have been since 2015, and since Inamorata ships internationally, if the court finds Inamorata’s designs to be infringement, she’s got quite a leg to stand on.

Inamorata hasn’t made a statement as yet.