Look, it’d be pretty fucking hard to be a celebrity with social media accounts. Unlike our own accounts, which get possibly 2 eyeballs per post per hour, anything they tweet/share/caption will get picked up by millions of followers globally – which means you’d proooobably wanna be double-checking what you’re sharing to the world before pressing send, right?

Apparently Em Ratajkowski didn’t do that. Or at least, she just didn’t think deeply enough about what she was captioning her first post to promo her latest signing, with chic haircare brand Kerastase Paris.

Here’s the (absolutely gorge) shot:

That caption? That’s new – according to The New York Post, at least, who reckon she originally captioned it with this absolute mess:

Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity. So excited to announce that I am the new face of @kerastase_official!

Why is that offensive? Well, there are plenty of women who choose to shave their hair off. Does that mean they’re not beautiful/feminine/with identity? Not to mention women with cancer, alopecia and other illnesses and conditions may lose their hair partially or completely.

It is… not good. And while we’ll give props to Emily for recognising this after being called out and changing the caption – people are kiiinda pissed that she hasn’t issued any apology (yet) or made any note of her error.

“Are we just gonna pretend the original caption never happened? Why not accept your mistake and apologise? Terrible really..,” wrote Insta user hannahs0407.

“People who make mistakes & own up to them rather than delete them & pretend they were never there are what this world needs more of. Smh,” said user Caligirl825.

Kerastase’s own take on the appointment of Em Rata hailed individuality and made no mention of hair being necessary to achieve that goal.

Image: Instagram / @emrata