PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Sportsgirl for their 'Get Dressed' campaign. With all the invitations sliding into our DMs, lord knows we're needing a dress for plenty of occasions this season. Get around their styles HERE.

Nothing strikes fear into the heart (and winter bod) like the realisation that summer’s just around the corner. You’ve probably been outfit-repeating your way through winter like the champ you are, but no longer will the weather let you hide your plebian styling under a big ol’ coat. You have to re-do the entire wardrobe and that in and of itself is a nuisance when you think about the cash you’re going to have to drop.

WIN: Elle Ferguson Wants To Revamp Yr Style With $2K Of Sportsgirl Gear

That could be something you don’t have to worry about this season, though, because Sportsgirl are coming in hot with $2K worth of threads to win. Considering the retailer has always had on-trend pieces at affordable prices, that’s one hell of a potential wardrobe overhaul on your plate.

If you win, you’ll also cop some time with far-shun angel and one half of blogging duo They All Hate Us, Elle Ferguson, who’ll help whip your style steez into shape with a complimentary one-on-one styling sesh at Sportsgirl’s Pitt Street store in Sydney. Don’t live in Syd? Don’t worry, Sportsgirl will fly you over for the day.

Just putting it out there: with all the social whatnots that surface over spring, plus all the new dress styles currently dropping into store (check ’em HERE), it a bloody perf time to win something like this.

Go on, enter below to make looking offensively fresh a reality.


Good luck, fam. You’ve got to be in it to wear it.

Image: Sportsgirl / Instagram