How To Get Yr Mitts On A Pair Of Jordans W/O Selling Yr Soul To A Price Gouger On Marketplace

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In Australia alone, sneakers are approaching a billion dollar industry, baaaaby. Turns out we love our Dunks and our Jordans just as much as our American counterparts. And while getting our grubby hands on a coveted pair was almost near impossible back in the day, our mates over at eBay have changed the sneaker game entirely down under. They’re slowly becoming one of the largest sneaker marketplaces on both Aussie shores and around the world.

Since launching the Authenticity Guarantee this time last year for eBay sneakers and designer handbags alike, eBay has seen a double-digit increase in sneaker sales — selling a pair every two fkn minutes, which leaves us with three words: absolute game-changer.

In saying that — to celebrate their Authenticity Guarantee initiative turning one, eBay’s also slinging an epic 15% off sneakers using the code ‘AGBD15’ from now (August 9) to this Sunday (August 14), so that’s pretty much the universe’s way of saying, you should get the kicks in your cart RN. What can we say? We don’t make the rules.

So, what’s the TLDR; on how the authenticity guarantee works?

According to eBay’s Sneaker Expert Alaister Low, “The process is simple.”

“Once a pair of kicks is purchased, they’re sent to our authentication facility in Sydney and then our authenticators analyse every part of the shoe including logo placement, stitching, leather quality and even a sneaker’s smell,” he said.

“Only once the kicks are verified by our authenticators, we’ll attach an NFC tag containing a digital authenticity certificate which you can scan with your phone. Then we send them by Express Post to the buyer for free.”

This takes away the barrier of risk and uncertainty when it comes to buying sneakers online because y’all, there’s nothing worse than dropping major bag on kicks only to find out they’re fake. Just make sure you look for the Authenticity Guarantee blue tick on eBay when browsing.

What kinds of shoes are on offer?

“eBay is the cultural barometer of Australia so we see what’s happening in pop culture reflected onsite,” Alaister said.

“From shows like The Last Dance and Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty to when Aussie NBA star Ben Simmons steps out in Air Jordan 1s, we see styles trending on eBay.”

Currently, their top-selling sneakers are Air Jordans and Dunks, but Alistair said, “People buying the rarer, more coveted pairs like Off-White x Air Jordan 1s, Nike Kobe 1s or the Travis Scott Jordans.”

We asked him some of the most epic shoes eBay’s come across to which he responded that globally the most expensive sneaker authenticated was Nike LeBron 2 James All-Star game-worn sneakers sold for more than $130,000. Here in Aus, it was a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High X Dior sneakers that went for over $15,000. Woof!

Our top picks according to Alaister’s recommendations

Whether you’re a new-to-the-game sneaker collector or just looking for a new pair of Air Jordans for a decent price, here’s how you can ya get your mitts on some of your own.

Nike Dunk Low Sun Club Burnt Sunrise Sail Sanded Gold

Nike Dunk Low Sun Club Burnt Sunrise Sail Sanded Gold  ($170 with code ‘AGBD15’, usually $200)

The suede, the colourway, the fit. Chef’s kiss to all of it, bbys.

Nike Air Max 90

Ebay sneakers, sneaker ebay, ebay authenticity guarantee, Air Jordan 1 Australia

Nike Air Max 90 ($203.99 with code ‘AGBD15’, usually $239.95)

You can never go wrong with a traditional fave, which you’ll find in Nike’s Air Max 90s. Boasting multiple colourways across the site and a comfy layer of cushioning, these kicks will become a timeless staple in your ‘drobe.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Berry Pink

Air Jordan 1 Mid Berry Pink ($246.46, usually $289.95)

This pair of epic Air Jordan 1s is among many other Air Jordan 1 listings on eBay in Australia, so if you’re in the market for ’em, this is your time to shine. They’re also going for a better price than some of the price gougers you’ll find on marketplace and in other sneaker retailers.

Travis Scott Air Max 270 React ENG Cactus Trails

Ebay sneakers, sneaker ebay, ebay authenticity guarantee, Air Jordan 1 Australia

Travis Scott Air Max 270 React ENG Cactus Trails ($679.99, usually $749.99)

Speaking of epic listings, this rarer pair of Air Max Cactus Trails will be a neat addition to your collection. If you’re planning on actually wearing these bad boys out n’ about, they’re also versatile enough to give you a sporty edge while still looking polished as fk.

Nike Dunk Low Panda Black/White

Nike Dunk Low Panda Black/White ($306 with code ‘AGBD15’, usually $360)

How could we do an eBay sneakers write-up without adding in the iconic Panda Dunks? We know these are popping up everywhere, but if you’re yet to get your hands on them, eBay or some of those specialised underground sneaker society groups on FB are a hot bet.

New Balance 550 — Grey/White

Ebay sneakers, sneaker ebay, ebay authenticity guarantee, Air Jordan 1 Australia

New Balance 550 – Grey/White ($254.95 with code ‘AGBD15’, usually $299)

I don’t know about you, but we have tried to find the New Balance 550s literally everywhere to no avail (especially at a price this good). That was until we hopped on to eBay n’ got a load of these baddies. So get in quick before they’re snatched up.

New Balance 550 — Au Lait

New Balance 550 – Au Lait ($250.75 with code ‘AGBD15’ , usually $295)

The 550s also come in a bunch of other gorgeous colourways — including this ‘lait’ aka caramel/mocha colour — to suit any personal sneaker aesthetic.

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Kyanite

Ebay sneakers, sneaker ebay, ebay authenticity guarantee, Air Jordan 1 Australia

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Kyanite ($339.15 with code ‘AGBD15’, usually $399)

Now we couldn’t complete this round-up without a Yeezy pick either as a testament to our King Ye. Not only are these eBay sneaker babies ultra-comfortable, but they’re as eccentric as they come, which’ll add some edge to your collection or better yet, outfit.

Is your interest piqued? Well, we hope so because there’s tonnes more sneakers where these came from. Head here to check them out.