The stars have aligned and the temptation to buy a new sucker is high because Dyson has just kicked off a flash sale, tempting me to blow all of my rent money for the month on a fancy new gadget for my house. Be warned, you’ll probably want to crack the piggy bank for this one.

Dyson – those fancy-ass vacuums, fans, hairdryers, and other gadgets that essentially signify you’ve got your shit together – is piffing off a bunch of its range for pretty good prices, including one of the stick vacuums for $349.

And let’s be real, it’s probably time to retire the vacuum cleaner/fan/hairdryer you’ve had for time immemorial. Let it go, take it to the e-waste depot, because it probably sucks (not in the good way) and doesn’t bring you joy anymore.

The impress-your-parents Dyson gear doesn’t go on sale too often (so we always like to give you that PSA when we find one) and considering some of the range goes for like $800 a pop, nabbing one at a sale price is like finding the golden goose of the homewares section. A Dyson on sale is truly the white whale of electronics, my friends.

Peep some of the flash sales below, and move quickly because I can’t imagine these will hang around for long.

dyson flash sale
V7 Motorhead Origin – $349
dyson flash sale
Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor – $449
dyson flash sale
Dyson Cool Desk Fan – $299
dyson flash sale
Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – $449

Check out the full Dyson flash sale over on the website, and maybe see if you can dip into your secret savings for a fancy new toy. Garn, you probably deserve it.