Drunk QLD Gronk Drives Fam Into Floodwaters, Bolts Before Cops Arrive

A Brisbane gronk has been charged with drink driving after stranding his partner and two young kids in floodwaters – and attempting to bolt after calling Triple-0 to rescue his endangered family.

At around 8:30pm on Thursday, the dipstick in question drove the vehicle into floodwaters in the Ipswich suburb of Karrabin. That was right in the thick of those absolutely torrential downpours in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie.

After realising the ride was borked, he managed to get out of the vehicle and put a call through to emergency services. However, when police rocked up to assist, they discovered that the man had bolted.

Police did find the other three members of the family at the scene, including a six-year-old and a four-year-old, who had managed to extricate themselves from the rising floodwaters.

A police spokesperson said the family were unharmed “but obviously were quite distressed.” As for the state of the waters, the spokesperson said “the vehicle was submerged and the water has risen pretty quickly and had reached the roof.

“The car couldn’t be retrieved.”
When coppers eventually tracked the man down, he blew a blood alcohol reading of .09. In response to the man’s utterly braindead actions, State Disaster Coordinator Stephan Gollschewski said the whole scenario was “foolish and stupid.”

Don’t drink drive. Don’t drive into floodwaters. Don’t do both at the same time. And if you do, don’t do a fucking runner afterwards.