Dreamworld Is Flogging Mondo Cheap Season Passes After Visitor Downswing

If it’s been your dream since childhood to spend every weekend at Dreamworld, then today’s your lucky day: the theme park is flogging adult season tickets for $75 on discount site Scoopon
Is this a response to falling attendance in the wake of last October’s Thunder River Rapids tragedy? You’d be inclined to think so. 
Dreamworld has suffered a 63% drop in revenue since its December reopening after the accident, which killed four people when a ride malfunctioned. Obviously the ride has been decommissioned, but the Australian public seems to be pretty off the idea of theme parks in general. Movie World and Wet ‘N Wild have both seen revenue drops of 12%, and media coverage of ride stoppages – which, to be absolutely clear, are really common – has skyrocketed. 
Dreamworld has had a largely uneventful history with regards to safety issues, barring a non-fatal helicopter crash in 2009 and a near-drowning on the log ride in April 2016. The Thunder River Rapids incident was the first major accident to occur at the park, which has been open since 1981, and it prompted Dreamworld to close to the public for a month while thorough safety audits on all the rides were carried out.  
Every ride and attraction currently open has undergone three levels of safety auditing, both by Dreamworld and independent reviewers. The Thunder River Rapids ride has been demolished, and will be replaced with a memorial to those who died in the accident. 
All of which is to say, if you really like rides and/or seeing tigers, you might as well take the opportunity to basically have the park to yourself every weekend until December 24, for the absolute steal of $75. Dreams can come true.
Source: Courier Mail.
Image: Instagram / @jhiltonphotography.