RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Tatianna was arrested the other day. Not one to let an opportunity go to waste, she then used her mugshot for sexy new merch.

We simply have no choice but to stan a queen with an entrepreneurial mind.

Let’s backtrack a little…

The S2 and All Stars 2 Drag Race contender was arrested in Atlanta on Monday for “disorderly conduct” after following a nightclub employee into an employee-only back entrance, then refusing to leave the said-employee-only area, TMZ reported. The cops were called, things were blown out of proportion, our living legend was escorted from the premises in handcuffs.

Sad face 🙁 but also, like, iconic? 😛 (Image: TMZ)

She then released a statement, calling the situation “dumb”. (That’s honestly my response as well to any slight inconvenience.)

“I’m fine!” Tati stated. “It was a dumb situation that I wish didn’t happen but shit happens and people make mistakes. There was no violence or ridiculousness.”

Today, Tati released the “Disorderly Conduct” merch with the now-infamous mugshot on tees, jumpers and even a stunning mug alongside her apt catchphrase “choices.” When life gives you lemons, you put that shit on a mug and sell it for  $19.99USD, obviously.

Check out the available mugshot merch on This whole saga is nothing short of inspired.

Tati, we are not worthy.

Image: TMZ