Donald Trump Jr.’s Dumb T-Shirt Has Set The Internet’s Roast Fire Ablaze

Donald Trump Jr. apparently has his dad’s knack for public self-owning. Even after the glorious mess that was that New York Times photoshoot, Junior is back and providing the internet with ever more fuel with which to roast him, and roast him good. 
This time, he’s made the curious decision of posing next to a pool while wearing an ill-fitting, lurid green t-shirt emblazoned with the words “VERY FAKE NEWS”. And he’s put it on Twitter. And things have unfolded with a borderline-tedious inevitability: 

Will the Trump family ever stop trolling us with baffling images of themselves? Is that… is that what we want?
Ah, what the hell. Keep ’em comin’, Donny Jr! Lord knows we’ll need a laugh when the rest of the world’s reduced to radioactive rubble.

Image: Twitter / @DonaldTrumpJr.