Hell yeah, who is ready to hit the cinemas/line the pockets of Disney executives for the next half dozen years!

The House of Mouse has casually decided to put dates on all of its most-anticipated upcoming film projects, and if you’re a stock market-type we reckon you’ve got about two years to get on board, because 2019 is gonna be huge.

Disney’s film arm has revealed that ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Frozen,’ ‘The Lion King,’ and a stack of others will all be making appearances in a little over two years’ time, attaching dates to their slate of in-production properties that’ll all probably haul in a stack of cash at the box office.

Firstly, the as-yet untitled ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ is due in cinemas on May 24th, 2019; around 18 months or so after ‘Episode VIII – The Last Jedi‘ hits theatres this Christmas.

Following that, the Jon Favreaudirected live-action remake of the hugely beloved ‘The Lion King‘ will begin appearing on the big screen from July 19th, 2019.

And to round the year out, the sequel to the enormously successful ‘Frozen‘ will arrive on November 27th, 2019; just in time for the Christmas rush to the box office. Co-director Chris Buck has hinted that the follow-up to the OG 2013 film that raked in a cool US$1.28billion in ticket sales will see some fairly major changes for lead character Elsa, so read into that what you will.

Beyond that, the follow-up to ‘Wreck It Ralph,’ entitled ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet,’ has copped a November 21, 2018 release date.

But in slightly crummy news for those of you keen to see a senior citizen wield a whip, the fifth Indiana Jones movie has been pushed back from its original rough release date of July 2019. Instead, it won’t be flickering to life until July 10th, 2020.

Source: News.com.au.