Seasoned bad boy Johnny Depp is the face of Dior‘s fragrance Sauvage, and the brand new commercial-cum short film-cum poetical musing on the stage of 21st-century masculinity is out right the hell now.

Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, it shows Depp taking on the desert in a vintage Dodge Charger, on a sort of sultry Fear And Loathingstyle mission, sadly without the suitcase full of drugs. 

A few questions remain: Why is Johnny burying his jewels? Is he trying to cloak himself in a new, mysterious scent to fool Barnaby Joyce? What does the coyote symbolise?  WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN?

Per the curious AF press release:

He digs deep to find his inner animal.
Recapture it and lay himself bare.
Be one with nature,
An appeased “sauvage”, freed from his
own chains.

It’s a rite of passage in response to a vital
To leave the urban rage and the shallow
cities behind.
And drive toward the desert, trusting the
road to take him there.
Joshua Tree, mystic land, is there to teach
him how to live again.
A flat, wide and powerful landscape.
Where he encounters a surreal beast.
Where the “Sauvage” shaman knows that
each image is a message.

He leaves in the night, and travels all day,
As the inky blue sky of dusk comes to free
Bury the talismans, drop the masks;
He marks his trail with a sacred Cairn to
show the end of artifice.
The ceremony of a metamorphosis.
“Out of my head, into my heart”

The desert is the sign
Of a new departure.
Now he can shine.
And Johnny Depp shows us who he is…

Dior Goes Full ‘Fear And Loathing’ With Johnny Depp In New Short Film

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