A diehard Supreme fan desperate to get his hands on the Louis Vuitton x Supreme gear has blasted the management at the pop-up store in Bondi.

Tristan Chant told News.com.au that he felt “violated” and “disrespected” after lining up for eight hours on Monday morning from 3am, only to be told at 11am that the entire collection had been sold out after just 10 or 12 people had been let in.

The pop-up is only letting in eight people at a time, leading to some savvy hustlers reselling their just-bought merch back the the queue for double the price.

Chant said there was “great dissent” among the queue of 100 or so when it emerged that there were only a few keyrings and the frankly insane $6000 backpack left.

Chant himself wanted the $500 Box logo t-shirt, the $445 bandana, and the $1400 Box hoodie – pieces that celebs Madonna and Justin Bieber had no such issues getting their hands on (the latter, who’s in Sydney for the Hillsong Conference, was given an exclusive look of the Bondi pop-up).

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Chant said that he was “chilled to the bone, to the point where my kidneys, back and ankles hurt from prolonged exposure” after waiting all night in the cold winter air, adding that the whole set-up was “incredibly disorganised” and that he was “very disappointed and also concerned” that Louis Vuitton couldn’t sort their shit out.

“The location was terrible, Bondi is one of the coldest places in the city,” he said. “If I’d known it wasn’t going to restock, I wouldn’t have waited in line. Louis Vuitton needs to take responsibility. I think they’ve done a disservice to customers. A hundred people were waiting in the freezing cold — do something. Get some gas heaters, bottled water, make sure everyone’s safe. This isn’t some small skate shop, they’re a multinational company.”

He’s even written a letter to Louis Vuitton CEO Philip Corne outlining his complaints.

“I am sure that over the next two weeks there will be several injuries related to this,” he wrote. “Lastly, I would like to condemn the practice of Louis Vuitton staff canvasing the line for personal contact details. I felt totally violated by this. I believe staff knew many people in the queue were not going to buy anything because of the undesirable stock and canvased the line so that they could acquire contact details, for marketing purposes, they otherwise would had gotten at point of sale.

“There is no excuse for the mistreatment of customers … your rollout of this collaboration and the treatment of your customers has been nothing but disrespectful.”

The pop-up is open daily till next Sunday 16 July, from 10am–6pm.

Alternatively, you could peruse eBay for items marked up over 360% of the price.

Diehard Louis Vuitton X Supreme Fan Says Bondi Pop-Up “Disrespected” Him


Source: News.com.au.

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