Dempsey Stewart for Chloë Sevigny X Opening Ceremony Resort 2012

Chloë Sevigny’s (Seven-ee! Seven-ee!) fourth collection for Opening Ceremony positively reeks of New York streets in the 80s and 90s, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I bet it actually smells like cotton, leather, method acting, toast and those Comme Des Garçons candles they burn at Opening Ceremony.

Described as ‘old-school street meets vintage‘, Sevigny channels her Kids-era self (again, in the nicest possible way: I mean, have you seen Kids?!) through resurrecting key pieces from cult skate brand Vision Street Wear – sweatpants, denim bombers and bike shorts – that contrast with billowing shirts, smocked corsets, laser-cut leather and cotton peplum tops, bloomers and pinafore dresses that are some of the collection’s standout pieces. As always, there’s a strong unisex component that bodes well for couples dressing, with trench coats, sweatshirts, shorts and pants, and leopard print shorts for him and her. Ra-Ra and ruffle skirts, an embroidered flight suit, harness monokinis (which just sound uncomfortable), a beret, Vision print bustier minis and bike shorts (that I’m sure are camel-toe repellant) and platform high-top sneakers reinforce Sevigny’s nostalgia for the 80s at the total eclipse of the heart of the collection. There are also a couple of killer bags, and a pair of pearl-lined loafers if flatforms aren’t yo’ thang. Word.

Australian export Dempsey Stewart also models the entire lookbook with all the doe-eyed sass, pouting nonchalance and tousle-haired goodness of a young, mid-nineties Chloë.

The entire collection is available now over at Opening Ceremony.