David Simon, Anonymous Take Aim At Campbell Newman’s Bikie Laws

In the continuing saga of Queensland’s recent anti-bikie laws that have done an excellent job in upsetting everyone except Campbell Newman, hactivist group known for identifying a rat when they see it Anonymous have readied their slingshot of viral disapproval, hurling the contents of their eloquently worded hate towards Campbell Newman and the bikie laws by saying that “Creeping fascism has already begun.”

Posting a video on their YouTube account on Thursday, the group took down Newman and the Queensland state government by using that time a Sons Of Anarchy fan was questioned re: bikie association by saying that “The laws are so stringent that even fictional bikies can be outlawed,” and pointed out that “there is nothing criminal about being in a group.” There’s probably some political hackney out there that runs along the lines of “You aren’t doing politics right until Anonymous attacks you”, but after Campbell Newman’s phone number, address and his wife’s phone number were all leaked online after the video was posted (though correlation between the two is unclear), Newman probably isn’t reveling in the fact that any press is good press.

After gaining significant attention from their video, Anonymous addressed the fact that news outlets were using the group’s slogan “Expect us” as a percieved and direct threat to Campbell Newman, saying “the media and campbell newmans staff has done a complete backflip,
obviously on purpose to jump on any tiny thing they could… they used
our motto “expect us” and turned it into a threat… ok, so what did i
threaten to do? lol.”
Lol indeed, Anonymous. Lol indeed.

While two cents are being readily poured in on the issue—from the claim that the laws violate human rights, to the insistence that the laws protect innocent bikies, to that it’s kind of a murky issue altogether—dude responsible for five seasons of stirring emotional attachment to a city I’ve never visited, Baltimore in The Wire, David Simon has similarly criticised the anti-bikie laws. Visiting Sydney for The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, David Simon said “you come at the king, you best not miss “ that “Fears of organised crime to diminish civil rights” and that the laws are both “a recipe for tyranny” and “stink of mccarthyism”.

Watch Anonymous’ take down of anti-bikie laws and David Simon’s perspective on the issue below.

Via Sky News.